It's really easy to make a website

At least one like this

I created this site in late 2020, using Zola and Github Pages.
I have long been admiring people that regularly write interesting articles (e.g. https://fasterthanli.me, https://christine.website/, https://endler.dev/, not exhaustive of course), but I struggled to find the motivation and courage to write something myself.

Then, last year, my good friend Andre started pushing me to start writing and actually succeeded, which amazed me more than anyone else... I didn't put much effort into the site so far (as you can see), but I was quite happy with the experience I had using Zola and Github Pages

Anyway, he recently created his own site and put it on his own domain - which is something I put off for a while because I didn't want to enter another rabbit hole. But seeing that he just got his own domain, I figured I could just ask him where he got it and try it.

I did that, he gave me the name of a popular registrar, I tried it out, and 30 minutes later my blog was reachable under my own domain. This was a really pleasant surprise to me as I really did not expect anything even remotely related to DNS to go that smoothly.

Anyway, the point of this post is to encourage you to make your own site and/or get your own domain1! Feel free to use something more mainstream if you want to2, but Zola worked very well for me and I'm quite happy with its documentation3 as well.

The web really needs more personal websites. Make your own. And make it like Amos', Christine's or Matthias', not like mine 😅


at least if you've just been putting it off because it sounded like a hassle to you, like I have


I just chose Zola because I'm a big ol Rustacean